Write a professional resume, HR's perspective

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"No one is obliged to discover your inner excellence through a sloppy appearance, which you yourself do not even care about." In job market, your resume is a critical part of your professional appearance, which knocks you the doors of your dream jobs.

This article contains strategies to write a professional resume from the perspective of HR, who is the first audience to review and screen your resume.

Customize resume for the position

Some candidate applies every job with the same resume, who believes that as long as I apply enough number of job, I still have chance to win interviews. In fact, this method is quite wrong. If the gap between your own qualifications and job requirements is too large, HR will only feel that you are not professional, and disqualify you in seconds.

The critical step to compose an optimized resume is to understand the detailed information of the position and the company, including company product, company culture, job responsibilities, required skills, soft skills good to have, express of the company. Through this information, screening out the mismatched contents in your resumes will make it easier to attract the attention of HR.

Keep your resume on one page, at most 2 pages if you have to

Resume are screened by HR is multiply rounds. Consider the scenario that the HR works on a position and received 100 resumes. The HR will first scan all resumes and excludes about 90 of them. In this round, HR's attention to each resume is 5 seconds on average, mainly on the first 1/4 of the first page of your resume. In the second round, HR may look closer to your profile. Even in this round, HR rarely looks beyond the first page unless you experience really stands out. In this round, the hiring manager may be involved, and they together select 3-5 candidates to start the initial interview pipeline.

Take the HR as your perspective colleague, try to make his/her job easier to compose a resume focusing on the position he/she is working on. Highlight your skills, experience relevant to the requirements in the job description. Help HR obtain your strengths at the first 1/4 of your resume.

A tip for candidate who really wants or needs more than 1 page: suppose your audience dropped your second page or so by mistake, does your profile still stand out? If not, go ahead to swap your relevant achievement to the first page. And, please, do not exceed two pages.

Make your resume with a meaningful takeaway

Imagine you are the HR, you cannot remember all the names of the candidates. When pitching your candidate to the hiring manager, you will not say "Joe" or "Alicia", you probably want to say "the Amazon product manager with 3 year experience", "the CMU graduate with intern in Goldman Sachs." All these are meaningful takeaways, which represents your persona of professional profile and highlights.

Try to come up with a persona for yourself, and restructure your resume around it. It is especially effective to start the self-highlight with such takeaway, which makes the HR easy to refer you in the follow up work.


A good resume starts you a winning game in job-hunting. TalentClout hereby wish everyone find the job they well deserve.