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How does it work

Identify your professional persona and optimize resume for various audiences in resume screening, not only ATS robot, but also recruiters and hiring managers.

Tailor your profile to a relevant pdf resume for instant job application. Your resume will be customized more effective to win the next call from your dream employer.

What Our Members Said

Customizing resume was a pain for me, which could take more than an hour. With Resume Wizard, I only spent a few minutes on each and received more contacts from recruiters.

-- Emma Green, Account Manager

TalentClout was a big help in my career transition. It identified my transferable skills, and identified my qualifictions I was not aware of. I am referring it to my friends.

-- Christina Ziegler, Data Scientist

Resume Wizard helps me stay flexible with the jobs available. I generated multiple version of resumes with focus on different technical stacks. With that, I joined in my dream company.

-- Claire Johnson, Software Engineer

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Introduce Resume Wizard

Resume wizard is the proprietary service powered by artificial intelligence, natural language processing and decades of job market expertise.

Resume wizard understands your resume as a structured profile, and make sure all your credentials matter.

Resume wizard streamlines auto persona identification, resume tailoring optimization and interactive resume edit into a group of highly usable steps. The streamlined steps help you accurately get the context and make the most from your input.

Resume wizard enables you to export your resume as a pdf file, instantly ready to submit with for application to your dream job.

More About TalentClout

TalentClout identifies your professional persona and optimizes your resume for various audiences in resume screening, not only ATS (application tracking system), but also recruiters and hire managers.

TalentClout uses the persona methodology to characterize your professional profile/resume to a persona which reflects the best of your experience and your advantage in the job market.

Based on your persona, TalentClout tailor your professional profile for your targeted job, or for just the title you are interested in.

TalentClout bridges your persona to the targeted job by prioritizing skills you explicitly possess, and to identify critical skills you potentially have.

TalentClout restructures the achievement descriptions of your experience, recommend relevant skill keywords and action verbs to use in each description, and make your achievements relevant for readers like hiring manages.

Besides, TalentClout highlights your skills for screeners like the recruiters and format the resume friendly for ATS.

Altogether, TalentClout may make your resume 3 times more effective to win you the next call from your dream employer.

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